Our Process

Consultation and History

First thing is gather your health history and assess where we are before any further examination takes place.

Range of Motion Assessment

Next, we have you perform a range of motion assessment to understand your mobility and pain levels. This will allow us to pinpoint where we need to focus the remainder of our examination.

Muscle Testing

Once we know where to focus we can begin to palpate the musculature along the spine which tells us the specific underlying tension areas that can give us a bigger picture to what is going on.

Report of Findings

When we have concluded the history and examination we discuss what are the main issues and how we are going to address them.

Chiropractic Adjustment

First thing we do is check the Upper Cervical, or upper neck region, of your spine because that is where the beginning of your nervous system is located. Pressure or inflammation in that region can effect every other part of your body. Once we address any pressure in the Upper Cervical region, we search and adjust other points along the spine that are still causing your body to hold tension and cause pain.

Manual and Instrument Therapy

After the adjustment we take time to address remaining muscle tension with focused therapy. This allows your body and muscles to relax which helps reduce the potential of soreness from the treatment. 


With this process we can locate where your tension areas are located and eliminate them. This allows us to deliver a very specific and safe chiropractic adjustment. The results of this treatment provides more than just symptom relief, but optimal health over time. Giving your body the proper time it needs to recover and muscular retraining will allow you to reach your health goals, reduce stress and allow your body to heal from the INSIDE OUT.

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Initial Visit Includes Consultation, Exam, Therapy, and Adjustment