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At Movement Chiropractic and Massage, we believe that optimal motion allows you to function the way that you were designed. We take pride in providing the finest evidence-based chiropractic and massage care for our patients in Spartanburg SC. We have gentle and effective treatments that will help get you out of pain and restore your spine to gain overall health and wellness. Receiving chiropractic care along with regular massages from our professional licensed massage therapist will help you feel your best even faster.

Adjustments and Therapies Offered in ​Spartanburg SC

We use specific chiropractic adjustments along with additional therapies to help with any muscular tension. We treat acute-type symptoms while emphasizing corrective care to make your adjustments hold longer and minimize your need for future treatments.


A chiropractic adjustment is the standard treatment method for lower back, neck, and back pain. An adjustment refers to a chiropractor manipulating a specific vertebra that has abnormal movement patterns and is causing your body dis-ease and pain. The objective of a chiropractic adjustment is to regain the normal function of the joint, increase the range of motion, eliminate nerve irritation, and reduce pain.


Chiropractic Spartanburg SC Activator

The Activator is a small hand-held instrument that is designed to deliver a fast and specific adjustment. It uses an impulse that delivers a very accurate percussion into the specified joint. There are different tension settings for adjusting various areas of the body that range from very soft to powerful.

The instrument can be used on patients of all ages, but it works especially well with the elderly, pregnant patients, infants, and children.


Chiropractic Spartanburg SC Hypervolt

We use a therapy device called the HyperIce HyperVolt as a myofascial release tool.  HyperVolt is an innovative style of vibrating massage tool for soft tissue therapy. The HyperVolt houses a unique, high-torque motor with three adjustable speed settings delivering up to 3,200 percussions per minute.

This type of targeted deep tissue massage can help relieve common muscle pain and stiffness, improve range of motion and blood flow, and reduce injury risks down the road.  Check out our Massage Therapy page to learn more!


  • $145.00 for initial treatment
  • $95.00 for each recurring visit
  • For on-site care in businesses larger than 4 employees, discounted rates may apply and can be contracted between Movement Chiropractic and Massage and the company
  • We are not currently in a network with insurance, however, we are able to accept payment using an HSA/FSA savings account.


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